All About

Welcome to, an exciting new vegan project! We came online on December 4th, 2014.

Our focus is two-fold:

To make is easy for people to try out vegan living.

To provide activists and advocates with an simple approach when encouraging people to give vegan eating a try.

As we build our website, you’ll find help with veganizing breakfast meals, recipes, tips for spicing up your common breakfast choices, plus PDF leaflets for activists to print and distribute, and an option to simply order leaflets. We’ll also direct you to further options when you’re ready to take the next step in veganism.

We’re looking forward to serving you, please show your interest and support by joining our social media options on the left!

About Dave Shishkoff

Dave Shishkoff, project founder, is from Victoria, BC, and vegan since 1990. He’s been an active participant in local activism since 1996, and began organizing activists shortly after, including being employed in the movement for nearly 8 years from 2006 to 2014. He also runs The Victoria Vegan, and is the chief organizer of the Victoria Vegan Fest which he co-founded with the lovely Sarah Kramer.

Dave’s other interests and activities include a former life as a recording and performing musician, is organizer and President of the Victoria chapter of OrganicAthlete,  bike racer, and all-round rabble-rouser.

Dave currently resides in Vancouver with his sweetheart Lesley and is probably working on some aspect of this project as you read this.