We’re Two Months Old!

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Time is flying by, and I can hardly believe we’re already two months old! Thanks to all our supporters for following, retweeting and sharing our info, and joining our newsletter. Speaking of which, we’re holding our first contest!

This blog entry features more updates on the VeganStart project, news stories and other interesting links we’ve come across, and much more.Our First Contest!

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VeganStart News

Here’s what’s new with us:

We adopted Fiona from the Small Animal Rescue Society of BC, her full name is Fiona Ridley Fuzzybottoms Foxkoff, and we’re very warmed by her company and humbled to be able to offer her a home. =)

News We Choose (For Yous!)
(How’s that for a catching heading. ;)

Here are some news highlights that would be of interest to readers from the last couple weeks:

What We’ve Come Across

Here is a selection of other links and highlights that should be of interest!

The dairy industry has taken to social media to ‘fight back’ against the non-dairy ‘uprising’…which is outrageous – is it really a fight when you’re over 90% of the market and the vast majority of people already consume your products? Twitter has been aflame with hashtags like #GetReal and #DairyTruth, but it’s backfired and the majority of tweets are from animal activists revealing aspects of the industry I’m sure they’d rather not see the light of day. We’ve participated and posted a few items.  This one was quite popular:

It’s really bizarre to me – there are over a dozen commercially available types of non-dairy milk, but people say being vegan is restrictive or limiting. It’s almost like eating conventionally blinds you to other possibilities. How many of the different non-dairy milks have you tried, or can you name? Here’s our list.

Coming Up

We’re looking forward to our first give-away, so sign up to our newsletter right away for your chance to win on Freaky Friday. (Oh, and get our updates!) We’ve got some more goodies planned, including offering some fun VeganStart stickers in another promotion over the next few days. Our website redesign is also underway (including a really great recipe section that will welcome your contributions), and we’re looking forward to showing that off soon as well.


Thank you so much for coming by and seeing what we have to offer. We’re still growing, but we’re hoping you’re already finding this to be a useful resource with helpful news, information and tips. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Until next time, have a great breakfast!

– Dave

Happy Saturday everyone! This fellow makes a good argument. ;)

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