It can be helpful to connect with other vegans, and there’s a variety of ways to do this thanks to social media, as well as forums and other avenues. Check some of the opportunities to connect with like-minded people below! If we’re missing a friendly, moderated and welcoming online community, please let us know!


There are discussion ‘Group’ pages on Facebook, that are more geared towards discussion on postings – below are some we recommend.


There are a number of weekly Twitter ‘chats’, that use the #hashtag feature to link conversations. When on the Twitter page, click on the hashtag (like #veganchat) and ensure ‘All’ is selected near the top to view all tweets with that hashtag. Follow along, and jump in the conversation when you’re comfortable! (Special thanks to VeganChatRoom for alerting me to all these, amongst so much other helpful info. Be sure to follow them on Twitter!) Check here for time zone differences.

Website Forums & Message Boards

Unfortunately they’re not visited as much as a few years ago, but they’re still a fantastic way to interact with other like-minded people, and ask specific questions. Perhaps their best offering is their history: or do a search on topics you’re curious about – just about anything you can imagine has probably already been discussed! Here are some we’re familiar with:

Know of another vegan community that ought to be included? Contact us to let us know!