Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page – don’t hesitate to contact us if you have a question as well!

Q – Why Focus on Breakfast?
One of our goals is to encourage new habits and for people to make a daily change. Most breakfast choices are relatively limited: typically cereal, toast or oatmeal/porridge, so this makes it the most practical meal to target and provide helpful info for.

Q – Why Encourage Veganism?
Our main interest at VeganStart is to encourage greater consideration for all animal on earth and to reconsider our relationship to them, as inspired by The Vegan Society. There are many reasons for considering veganism, which can benefit the well-being of the planet and your own health, and whatever the inspiration, we’re here to help you give it a go. We discuss veganism in more depth here.

Q – Are You Going to Post Gorey Images?

Nope, our goal is to educate, not horrify. We believe the many merits of veganism are enough to inspire change and see no need to resort to shock tactics.

Q – How About Lunch & Dinner?
One step at a time, young grasshopper! We believe that once breakfasts are conquered, lunch and dinner will be much easier to ‘convert’. The habits picked up at breakfast will carry on through the day. For example, if you’re putting non-dairy milk in your coffee in the morning, there’s a good chance that you will carry that on through the rest of the day. That said, we fully encourage experimenting with vegan meals and snacks the rest of the day too!

Q – Great! How Do I Veganize ‘This’?
All will be revealed when you visit our page ‘Veganizing Your Breakfast‘.

Q – What Inspired This Project?
Having spoken with many, many people interested in going vegan over the last few decades, it is clear there are many degrees of commitment. Some are ready to give it a go right off the top and commit fully or try out a 7 Day or 4 Week ‘Vegan Kickstart’; while others might need something like Meatless Monday to ease into it, but there isn’t much in-between. We hope this approach appeals to those people who have yet to find what suits them and that it presents an entry point to veganism that works for them.

Q – My Vegan Start Has Been Great! What’s Next?
We’re here to help you to the next level! VeganStart isn’t an end game; it’s just the beginning. We’re actually excited and happy for you when you’re prepared to move on!

When you’re ready, start applying the habits you’ve picked up here to the rest of your meals! If you’d like more guidance, there are a few programs we’d recommend:

Take a look at these options, and choose what’s best for you!

And before you go, please be sure to send us a testimonial about how VeganStart worked for you!