Mid-January Updates

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Hello friends!

We’ve had a bustling start to 2015, and we’ll sum up some of the highlights here! Continue reading for the latest updates at VeganStart (including our first recipe posting, a revealing blog post on almonds and water consumption, plus our new logo), news items, other nifty online finds (and concerns), a little vegan humour and more. If you’re on social media, be sure to join us to get these updates in a more timely fashion! Check out the top of the menu on the right for all our accounts.


Almonds and Water Use – What’s The Scoop?

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vs-graphic-almonds-water-1000There’s an article in Mother Jones today about almonds and water consumption in California. It states some alarming facts, like how a single almond requires a gallon of water. That seems like a lot! But is it?


Our First Month Went By So Fast!

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Happy New Year!

It’s hard to believe it’s been a month since I registered the domain name, signed up our social media accounts and began tinkering with WordPress. Thanks so much to everyone who’s visited the site so far and participated with us on social media. It’s been inspiring to receive all the positive feedback, and we look forward to offering much more.


Recipe: Quick Fauxtella Spread (aka Vegan Nutella)

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vs-graphic-fauxtellafridaypromo01Who didn’t love Nutella from their pre-vegan days? It doesn’t have to end when you go vegan! Of course, you can buy prepared versions, but why not make your own?

At the VeganStart HQ, we celebrate Fauxtella Friday, and have a quick, easy and relatively healthy recipe, so you can make your own ‘notella’. It isn’t as complicated as other recipes you can find, and won’t have quite the same flavour as the original Nutella (nor the fat!), but if you’re looking for a quick chocolate hazelnut spread, this should hit the spot.