Recipe: Quick Fauxtella Spread (aka Vegan Nutella)

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vs-graphic-fauxtellafridaypromo01Who didn’t love Nutella from their pre-vegan days? It doesn’t have to end when you go vegan! Of course, you can buy prepared versions, but why not make your own?

At the VeganStart HQ, we celebrate Fauxtella Friday, and have a quick, easy and relatively healthy recipe, so you can make your own ‘notella’. It isn’t as complicated as other recipes you can find, and won’t have quite the same flavour as the original Nutella (nor the fat!), but if you’re looking for a quick chocolate hazelnut spread, this should hit the spot.

Once you’re familiar with the recipe, it’s actually very fast to prepare and can be ready in the time it takes to toast the bread (see below for the ‘quick mix’ tips). Also, pure hazelnut butter isn’t essential, especially if you’re on a budget. We normally use the ‘Nuts to You’ almond/hazelnut butter.


  • ¼ cup hazelnut or almond/hazelnut butter
  • 1tbsp cocoa (we recommend Camino)
  • 1tbsp maple syrup or agave
  • pinch of salt
  • 1tsp coconut oil* (decadence!)

Preparation (1-2 minutes)

Simply mix ingredients in a small bowl, and it’s ready to spread! Feel free to alter the proportions to suit your own tastes – my own preference is with a bit more cocoa and sweetener. This make enough fauxtella for two fairly thickly coated pieces of toast, or 3-4 pieces with a thinner layer.

Even Quicker Version (Advanced) – When you’re familiar with the recipe, here’s an even faster way to prepare it. I simply use my butter knife to scoop into a bowl the amount of nut butter needed for the pieces of toast, then add the proportions of cocoa and syrup and salt. It takes about 30 seconds this way.

* Decadence – this isn’t necessary, but for an even richer chocolate experience, also add 1tsp of melted coconut oil (hold the container under hot water for 1-2mins to melt.)

Enjoy! You can use this for other applications as well – why not use it as cake or cupcake icing? Share with us your experience in the comments below, and if you’re posting to social media (Twitter, Instagram, etc.), be sure to use the hashtag #fauxtella.

Happy Fauxtella Friday!


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