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Thank you VeganBaker for this!

Thank you VeganBaker for this!

Welcome to our first real blog entry for the VeganStart project! We’ve been online for a few days now, and the reception from the community through our social media channels has been really positive. It’s encouraging to see other people  validating our concept.

For example, I’ve been following VeganBaker on Instagram for a while, and not only has he graciously allowed us to feature his stellar ‘vegan’ loaf, he’s going to whip up another for us!

Things on the site are a bit clunky at the moment: the logo is a quick draft, the layout needs a lot of tuning, and of course the site needs more content!  Construction is on-going, and you’ll notice improvements every time you check in with us.

The current poll about what people have for breakfast has been fun to watch progress – oatmeal was in the lead, but at moment ‘Other’ has squeaked ahead. Tell us in the comments what ‘other’ breakfast items you have most days! (And vote on the poll on our main pages!)

One major section has already been published – check out our “Tips for Starting Out aka Veganizing Your Breakfast“. I was surprised when I hit “Publish” on Sunday night that the word count was over 1,400. It’s now up to 1,700 words, and there’s still more to go. (Tell us your suggestions or requests!) Also, did you know there are 12 different types of non-dairy milk commercially available? They’re listed on the Tips page – earn extra points, by telling us if you know of any others!

It was really nice to see this on Twitter about the new section:

vs-nicetweet-banananutSo glad it’s been helpful, and we will continue to offer more. If knowledge is power, then hopefully VeganStart is the power to change!

We see VeganStart as just that – a start and a stepping stone to a full veganism.

Please join us on our social media channels. We can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram. Use the hashtag #VeganStart if you’re sharing your own vegan breakfast creations – you never know who is reading, and in need of a gentle nudge to taking a positive step forward.

We also invite you to subscribe to our email list on the right.  That way you’ll get our bigger updates, plus we’ll be hosting some fun promotions and giveaways, and you won’t want to miss those!

A big thank you to all who’ve helped out with this so far, especially Deborah & Gerry for the inspirational chat session, Brandon L for the the tech advice, and to my sweetheart Lesley whose kindness and generosity has provided the freedom and inspiration to pursue this.

And thank YOU for checking us out.  We’re looking forward to offering much, much more.

Have a great breakfast!!

– Dave,


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    December 10, 2014

    Mostly I just eat fruit for breakfast and sometimes some hemp seeds.
    Hemp seeds on applesauce is nice.

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    December 10, 2014

    I like the logo!
    Sorry I cannot share this over social media as I do not have any accounts, but I will email the link to this site to a few friends who might be interested, some of whom are not yet fully vegan.

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    December 13, 2014

    Heya Tristan, thanks for the compliments, and letting us know your main VeganStart choice!! I didn’t realize so many people had fruit and smoothies for breakfast, it’ll definitely influence our decisions as we progress. =)

    Thanks for helping get word out however you can, hopefully this will be of some help to your friends too. We hope we can be a positive influence for everyone who stops by.

    – Dave

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